No more secret codes, Betty. We don't need them. Johnson's disgusting and evil Eidolon has been trapped in his temple by the Sammeeeees. He can never harm any of you ever again.

Barney has always loved Betty. From the moment we met I knew one thing... I never wanted to be without you in my life.

I know you have many questions about that night at St. Barts. I will do my best to answer them for you now. Yes, of course, it was Spoocheeeee. A white van filled with jackals was waiting for the right moment. I knew too much. I knew things none of you had discovered yet. I didn't share the knowledge because I understood how dangerous it was to know the secrets of Spoocheeeee. Yes, they delivered me to room 505. Mister Abbott was my host for several days. It may have been weeks... I can't really say. I was in and out of consciousness. Then one morning the door opened and I saw Mister Alan Johnson's shoes coming toward me. He had his little red knife. His plan was to torture me slowly until death, but I was not interested in giving him that pleasure. Although my hands were tied, I managed to kick at the creep's shin. He was so enraged that he came at me very quickly... and then I was gone. Please know that you were the last image in my mind as I said goodbye to our world.

Thank you for your sweet and very "Betty" goodbye. I have read it many times to myself. It is so wonderful and so you. I can actually hear your voice as I read it. Betty, I will miss you forever and ever. I wish our life together could have been so much longer... but you're right. We are really lucky to have found each other. How many people find their woo woo soul mate? (big smile) I will forever miss your smile and your laughter and your eyes. This is so hard to do. You know I hate goodbyes... (deep breath) I want you to... I want you to go and be very happy. It would hurt me deeply to know that you did not go out and enjoy the rest of your life. Please, go and do all the things you always dreamed of... I love you... and you know I will be loving you forever and ever. Goodbye, B.

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